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"Providing efficient and affordable technology services for the Triangle region."
- Thomas Sikes
T3 Solutions, Inc. - The Technology Team!
T3 Solutions is your technology partner! T3 is a complete systems integrator offering services for businesses including hardware configuration, software installation, web design and on-site maintenance. We will take the time to analyze your individual situation and recommend the most effective and affordable solution. We understand how critical computer systems are to today's businesses.


T3 technicians have years of industry experience and are able to communicate complex issues in a way that's easy for anyone to understand. Our goal is to provide the most efficient technical support possible so our clients know they'll be up and running quickly. Plus with our complete range of services, you only have one contact for all of your IT questions. Whether your business needs a custom-built PC or someone to install and configure a high-end network server, T3 technicians have the skills and teamwork to make any IT challenge a breeze!


We want to provide our customers with the best value possible. By being a vendor-neutral service company, we can decide what's really the best solution for your situation and consider options that other companies can't. We can choose from the entire array of hardware and software offerings without regard to partnerships or back-end deals.

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Customer Service

At T3, we understand that the most important job is making our customers happy and confident in their service. This means not only providing a competent and effective technical solution, but also explaining what has been done and ways to prevent future problems.

Call us for a free initial consultation to discuss the latest ways to make your technology faster and more reliable. We will be happy to meet with you at any time, including after hours or on weekends. Let us be the Solution to all your IT needs!

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